Useful Links

‘”Reinventing the Gods”: Bloomian Misprision in the Nietzschean Influence of Jim Morrison.’

‘Wild Child: Jim Morrison’s Poetic Journeys’

‘A Rebel’s Verse : The Doors’ Jim Morrison made his mark as a rocker, but 20 years after his death it is his poetry that is attracting new attention.’

‘Jim Morrison: A “Serious” Poet?’

A combination of concert footage, television appearances, record company promotional films and various home movies, taken by members of the band, their friends and others. Includes performances from The Doors’ 1969 PBS appearance, as well as interviews with the band:

‘Jim Morrison and Jack Kerouac’

‘Jim Morrison’s Ode To Nietzsche’

‘The Rolling Stone Interview: Jim Morrison’

‘Jim Morrison’s Indecency Arrest: Rolling Stone’s Original Coverage’

‘Jim Morrison: Ten Years Gone’

‘Exclusive: Beat Poet Michael McClure On Jim Morrison, The Doors, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac’

‘Jim Morrison & Tony Thomas 1970 Interview’