No 1: 2019 (Summer)

The Jim Morrison Journal is proud to publish its first issue:

Lucy Cheseldine, Review: Alessandro Cabiati, ‘Fabulous Operas, Rock ‘n’ Roll Shows: The Intoxication and Poetic Experimentation of Arthur Rimbaud and Jim Morrison’ Full Text

Lucy Cheseldine is a second year PhD candidate at the University of Leeds. Her research focus is on the American poet Donald Hall. She completed an M.Phil at Trinity College Dublin in Literatures of the Americas and received a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Glasgow. Her previous publications include contributions to the Irish Journal of American Studies, U.S. Studies Online, and PN Review.

Edward Grimble, Poetry and the City: Charles Baudelaire, Jim Morrison, and ‘the gaze of the alienated man’ Abstract | Full Text

Edward Grimble obtained his postgraduate degree from Balliol College, Oxford, and he is now a schoolmaster at Lancing College, England, where he teaches English. His masters thesis examined restless, manic and insomniac pedestrians in the works of Charles Dickens, and more broadly his research focuses on the depiction and experience of cities in art and literature, and on the literature of both urban and rural walking. His essays have been published by the Dickens Society, the Oxford Review in English and elsewhere.

Miguel Ezcurdia Royo, Jim Morrison’s Endeavour: Transcendence among Existentialism Abstract | Full Text

Miguel Ezcurdia Royo is an architect from Porto, Portugal. He seeks to investigate the possible links between architecture and other artistic practises, trying to expand the interpretations and meanings of both. His master’s degree explores the theme of spatiality and signification in Tarkovsky’s movie Stalker (1979). Currently working at JACKBACKPACK – a cultural collective who focuses on the intersections between architecture and film. Long-time admirer of The Doors and Jim Morrison’s writings. Email:


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